Outdoor terraces

Resistant to active sun, wind, rain. Also suitable for all seasons due to temperature resistance from -30 to +30 degrees.
Awning price calculation
Specify the length of the awning (m)*

Specify the width of the awning (m)*

The final price is calculated individually according to the needs of the client, the price in the spreadsheet is given preliminary (Price of terraces without fasteners at 15eu per square meter)

Total square meters:

Total € (VAT not incl.):

1.1 – aluminum profile at the top, which rotates on the terrace.

1.2 – On the sides, rings are engraved on the rotary-rotating lug.

1.3 – You can attach the tent to the top with a strap that is fastened at the top of the sheet.

1.4 – At the bottom of the sheet is a pocket, inside it we install a round tube used for wrapping the sheet.

1.5 – special rubber for lowering the sheet from the bottom. It is moved around the tube and hooked on the (1.6) hook.

1.6 – The hook is rotated at the bottom of the wooden-metal lower terrace.